iSolutions LLC


Project Description

This is app is based in the idea of do a laundry at any time, schedule your laundry or dry-cleaning to be picked up and delivered back to your door, at a time that works for you. Knowing that your precious dry clean only clothes are being lovingly cared for.

That is the reason we have created an app in 3 categories; one for the user, as his name says the client will send an order in 4 easily steps and after the user can see the process of the complete cycle of his cloths. The employee also has an application were he can inform by notifications to the user and the administrator the status of the cycle and the administrator who is the person is managing all the process between user and employee, it will be the first app manages by a mobile in the admin side.

Project Details

Date: 20-09-2015
Client: Washifast